Wyoming Republican Liz Cheney thinks House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy should testify to an independent commission that could probe the attack on the Capitol on January 6th. During an interview for ABC's This Week, Cheney said it wouldn't shock her if McCarthy gets a subpoena because he had a phone call with former President Trump during the riot.        Former President Trump is congratulating New York lawmaker Elise Stefanik [[ steff-ON-ik ]] on being chosen to join House Republican leadership. In a statement, Trump said Stefanik got a "Big and Overwhelming victory" in her bid to be the new House Republican conference chair. The New York congresswoman is the now the third-highest ranking Republican after her colleagues voted Wyoming's Liz Cheney out this week.        Efforts to bring a cease-fire between Israel and the Palestinians continue. White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki [[ SAH-kee ]] noted that during her daily briefing. She emphasized Israel has every right to defend itself from the hundreds of rockets that have been shot at the country.        Terms are in place for a settlement between the city of Columbus, Ohio and the family of a black man shot to death by police. City leaders announced today it has okayed a ten-million dollar settlement with Andre Hill's family. The 47-year-old was shot to death by former Columbus Police Officer Adam Coy in December.        Maryland is scrapping its mask mandate for people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19. Governor Larry Hogan say the change is based on new guidance from the CDC and will take effect Saturday. He added that face coverings are still "strongly recommended" in most instances for anyone who is unvaccinated.       A suspected Washington car thief tried to live by the mantra of "if first you don't succeed, try, try again." Court records show 18-year-old Noah Bakkan was apprehended last week driving a stolen vehicle from a Spokane car dealership, and was held in jail until Monday night. Early Tuesday morning, deputies responded to an alarm at the same dealership, and caught Bakkan red-handed while trying to steal another car on the lot.