New York Governor Andrew Cuomo is facing another sexual harassment allegation. The New York Times reports a third woman says Cuomo made unwanted advances towards her at a wedding in 2019. She says Cuomo put his hand on her lower back and asked if he could kiss her. Cuomo is already accused of sexual harassment by two former aides.        The investigation into former President Trump's phone call with the Georgia Secretary of State in the wake of the November election is growing deeper. The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports prosecutors are preparing to address a grand jury this week in order to call on witnesses and seek subpoenas related to the early January conversation. Fulton County District Attorney Fani Willis is currently investigating whether Trump broke the law when he told Brad Raffensperger to find him more votes.        People in San Antonio, Texas could be facing a one-billion dollar bill for their city's electric utility. CPS Energy is likely to be billed 800-million dollars for natural gas and 200-million for the power it had to buy during last month's cold snap and power outage. CPS Energy's CEO said Monday the utility will pursue regulatory assistance and help from elected officials so its customers don't get stuck with the bill.        Senator Elizabeth Warren is still wants to see a wealth tax on the richest Americans. The Massachusetts Democrat told reporters it would generate more revenue and opportunity. She's brining up legislation that would impose a tax on those worth more than 50-million dollars.        SpaceX will try again tonight to launch a rocket carrying Starlink internet satellites into orbit. An earlier attempt Sunday was aborted about a minute before launch, but the company didn't say what caused the automatic shutdown. Liftoff is scheduled for 7:53 p.m. from the Kennedy Space Center in Florida.        Paris Hilton is the latest celebrity to speak out publicly about the hit Hulu documentary "Framing Britney Spears." The newly-engaged socialite and model said during an episode of her "This is Paris" podcast on Monday that she got "very emotional" watching the show. "Framing Britney Spears" takes a hard look at the media's treatment of the pop superstar as well as other women in general. Hilton said she could absolutely relate to Spears.