Waste Management will be starting collection at 6am on Thursday (Thursday collection route) February 17, 2021 in an effort to beat the snow. 


We ask the residents that are in the Thursday collection area to place their trash and recycling carts out by 5am and remove them from the streets after being serviced.

The U.S. military is firing back at Iran-backed militia groups who targeted U.S. forces in Iraq. President Biden approved a strike on a facility used by two groups in Syria. It comes after a series of rocket attacks against forces in Iraq and marks the first use of military force by Biden.       President Biden will look for another way to raise the minimum wage. It was initially included in a huge COVID relief package, but a Senate official determined that rules forbid it from being in there. Biden has vowed to boost the minimum wage to 15-dollars-an-hour.       A former U.S. Olympics women's gymnastics coach is dead just hours after being hit with human trafficking and sexual assault charges. John Geddert died in an apparent suicide. Geddert owned a gymnastics club in Michigan where convicted sex offender Larry Nassar worked.       Ground rules are being set over potential COVID-19-related withdrawals from next month's NCAA Tournament. The NCAA says there will be no changes to the brackets or seeding once they are released on Selection Sunday. Any replacement teams must be named within 48 hours of the bracket's release.        The parent company of TikTok is agreeing to pay 92-million dollars to settle a class-action suit over data privacy claims. The documents filed Thursday in the U.S. District Court of Illinois show that ByteDance agreed to the settlement to end more than a year of litigation. In a statement, TikTok disagrees with the assertions made, but they are settling to focus their efforts on building a "safe and joyful experience" for TikTok users.