Rep. Williams issues statement on attack at reproductive rights rally


                STATE HOUSE – Rep. Anastasia P. Williams (D-Dist. 9, Providence) is issuing the following statement regarding the assault that occurred at the reproductive rights rally on Friday night:

                “I denounce the violence perpetrated against women.  I denounce the attack on First Amendment rights to protest unjust rulings and laws.  I denounce the callous and cruel assault on a woman’s right to make their own decisions about their bodies.  I denounce the agitators who went to the State House looking to start a fight.  I denounce the political violence inflicted on another fellow woman of color.  I denounce the current inequality of obtaining reproductive health services for ALL women.  I denounce the current culture that leads law enforcement officers to think they could assault not only a woman, but also innocent people - predominantly of color, always in front of an audience, without accountability or the professionalism the job stands for and requires.  And I denounce the hate and intolerance that is tearing our society apart here in our state.  Yet, in the face of these challenges and threats, I will keep fighting for equality and justice for all because everyone deserves a voice, and a choice, to lead their own lives without interference and persecution from the ignorance of others,” said Representative Williams.


The White House is pointing out the importance of an independent Justice Department following the FBI's raid of former President Trump's Mar-a-Lago property. Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre said the White House leaves law enforcement matters to the DOJ and the President has always believed in an independently functioning DOJ.       A key inflation reading is due out in the morning. The July consumer price index report is expected to show a slight slowdown in inflation rates that have soared to highs not seen in decades. Analysts are saying there's a strong likelihood of "reasonably" good news.        Another round of heavy rain is heading to the already saturated valleys of Eastern Kentucky. Governor Andy Beshear says a Flood Watch is in effect through Wednesday as multiple rounds of heavy rain and storms are expected through tomorrow. The death toll from recent flooding already stands at at 37, but Beshear says the number will rise with the death of a Knott County high school student who died after helping in the cleanup effort.        NFL commissioner Roger Goodell is calling for at least a full-year suspension for Cleveland Browns' quarterback Deshaun Watson. Goodell said evidence from sexual misconduct allegations against Watson shows "egregious" actions and "predatory behavior." Seeking a harsher penalty under its personal conduct policy, the league last week appealed the six-game suspension handed down to the quarterback by a retired federal judge.        Walmart is thinking about joining the streaming world. The New York Times says the retailer has had discussions with companies like Paramount, Disney and Comcast about a potential deal. Walmart will likely add whatever streamer they pick to their membership bundle, Walmart-Plus. A membership currently costs just under 13-bucks a month and it includes free shipping and discounts on fuel. There's no word if Walmart is close to making a decision,       (Cumberland, VA) -- Over four-thousand beagles rescued from a Virginia breeding and research facility are starting the process of finding new homes. The Humane Society of the United States is transferring them to animal shelters and rescue organizations across the country. The facility will pay fees for each beagle sent to shelters, with the Humane Society paying the transportation costs.